October 06,2020

Tuesday – In Class Note: Please look at yesterday’s post if you haven’t for this week’s grade report. 📗English II: First “Independent Reading” journal Read pages 235-241 of “The Glass Castle” 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Infinite and No Solution notes / worksheet 🤵🏻MENS Choir: Went over virtual work for the week 🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: Conservation of Mass ADIContinue reading “October 06,2020”

October 05,2020

Monday – In Class Week at a Glance (Week 7: September 28 – October 02) English II: 87.22% (87/B) Intermediate Algebra: 98.76 (99/A) MENS Choir: 100 (100/A) Physical Science: 88.46 (88/B) World History: 93.54 (94/A) Teen Leadership: 100 (100/A) 📗English II: Started Glass Castle character Google Slide (Due October 19) 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Finished worksheet fromContinue reading “October 05,2020”

October 01,2020 and October 02,2020

Thursday & Friday – Remote English II: Vocab List Practice #3 (Vocabulary.com) Read 180 – 221 of the glass castle Class Castle Week 7 Open Book Quiz (Pages 180 – 221) Intermediate Algebra: Note taking over multi-step equations Mens Choir: Bass Clef Note Names with Ledger Lines (MusicTheory) (View My Results) Note/Rest Duration Quiz SightContinue reading “October 01,2020 and October 02,2020”