October 29,2020

What a crazy few days it’s been with the weather, but I’m definitely reading to get back into the swing of things! Thursday – Remote Intermediate Algebra: Looking over “Absolute Value Equation” notes (VIEW) “Absolute Value Equations” EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE) “Absolute Value Equarions” Nearpod (View) Physical Science: Ionic Compounds Practice (VIEW) World History: Byzantine Empire EdPuzzleContinue reading “October 29,2020”

October 26,2020

Monday – In Class Week at a Glance: Week 10 (October 20 – October 23) English II: 87.47% (87/B) Intermediate Algebra: 99.70% (100/A) MENS Choir: 100% (100/A) Physical Science: 86.88% (87/B) World History: 93.39% (93/A) Teen Leadership: 100% (100/A) 📗English II: Got book of “Animal Farm” Literary Notes 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Review for “Mutli-Step Equations” quizContinue reading “October 26,2020”

October 22,2020

Thursday – Remote English II: Capitalizing Quotes NoRedInk (View) Russian Revolution Webquest (VIEW) (Activity all week) Intermediate Algebra: Whodunnit – Equations with Distribution (VIEW) Whodunnit- Variables on Both Sides (VIEW) Physical Science: Ionic and Covalent Compounds Practice DuckSoup World History: SyncBlast over “A New Empire” Teen Leadership: SMART Goal (3 – 4 Weeks)

October 20,2020

Tuesday – In Class Week at a Glance: (Week 9 October 12 – October 14) English II: 87.29% (87/B) Intermediate Algebra: 99.66% (100/A) MENS Choir: 100% (100/A) Physical Science: 87.03% (87%) World History: 93.39% (93/A) Teen Leadership: 100% (100/A) 📗English II: Glass Castle Timed Writing (VIEW) 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Properties of Equality notes 🤵🏻MENS Choir: LessonContinue reading “October 20,2020”

October 13,2020

Tuesday – In Class 📗English II: Glass Castle Group Project (VIEW) 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Mini Quiz over Multi Step Equations 🤵🏻MENS Choir: Sight Singing #11 (VIEW) 🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: Ionic Bonding Puzzle Quiz 🌍World History: LIVE EdPuzzle over “Emperors of the Pax Romana” 🙋🏻‍♂️Teen Leadership: Free day

October 12,2020

Monday – In Class Week at a Glance (October 05 – October 09): English II: 87.20% (87/B) Intermediate Algebra: 99.68% (100/A) MENS Choir: 100% (100/A) Physical Science: 86.32% (86/B) World History: 93.68% 94/A) Teen Leadership 100% (100/A) 📗English II: Finished the Glass Castle book (presentation TOMORROW) 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Algebraic Properties Notes (literally just these 4Continue reading “October 12,2020”

October 08,2020

Thursday – Remote English II: NoRedInk Glass Castle Analysis Activity (VIEW) Intermediate Algebra: Whodunnit – One Step Equations (VIEW) Mens Choir: Grand Staff Note Names with Ledger Lines (Music Theory) (View My Results) Sight Singing 10.5 Physical Science: Conservation of Mass ADI Rough Draft (VIEW) Density Simulation Quiz from Week 3 (August 31 – SeptemberContinue reading “October 08,2020”