1st Hour- Space Jump Thing let me explain. 2nd Hour- Test Prep and worked on essay Advisory- Read “Big Nate” on phone book’s app. 3rd Hour- Finished Essay 4th Hour- Read Chapters 4&5 “The Giver” 5th Hour- Read next chapter of “Shadow Club” 6th Hour- Some more coding for app. 7th Hour- You already know


1st Hour- Did worksheet 2nd Hour- Pre Test for OCCT Advisory- Sat there and stared into space 3rd Hour- Chill day, teachers  went over there experiences with the walkout 4th Hour- Group Assignment 5th Hour- Did the usual, graded test 6th Hour- Sat around and did nothing 7th Hour- Watch the little mermaid


1st Hour- Learned about universe formation. 2nd Hour- Graded work and then gave us homework literally last second. Advisory- Played Snake. 3rd Hour- Took test grade average 50%-70%. 4th Hour- Took OCCT test prep 5th Hour- Chapter 4 and more grading 6th Hour- Turned bellwork and did nothing else. 7th Hour- Free day