1st Hour- Studied for History Test 2nd Hour- Did Bellwork and started a new song Tiger Time- Video games 3rd Hour- Took History Test 4th Hour- Started learning about weather 5th Hour-  Rotation Labs Lunch/Recess- Talked to Nuemo, Janzen, and White 6th Hour- Took Test (feel pretty good) 7th Hour- New seating and new unit


Newsletter of the Week: 1st Hour-Made me do more useless stuff (more to tell) 2nd Hour-The usually Advisory- Assembly 3rd Hour- Taxation with representation 4th Hour- Sub did 5 worksheet finished 20 mins early 5th Hour- Science experiment over distances 6th Hour- class discussion in canvas “silent discussion” and then did graded 7th grade testContinue reading “09-06-18”


1st Hour- Helped kid finish work 2nd Hour- Finished Africa song and played ships and boats Advisory- Lesson over determination 3rd Hour- Went to Ms. Coffee’s office 4th Hour- Went over yesterday’s worksheet 5th Hour- Took Test Day 1/2 6th Hour- Read story 7th Hour- Lesson 1.2.2