December 5,2019

👨‍🍳Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Made pretzels with the dough from yesterday (December 4th,2019) 📝Creative Writing: Journal 28 & 29 (28: “Nightmare” 29: “Finders, Keepers”) entries. I’ll upload tomorrow when I do 30: “Free Write #3”. 🎼MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert 👨‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Excel (link) ♾Algebra I: Unit 4.4 Test. Then the review for theContinue reading “December 5,2019”


👨‍🍳Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Made pumpkin pie rice crispy treat. 📝Creative Writing: Journal Entry 25. Turned in Entries 21-25 (link). 🎼MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert. 👨‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Excel (link) Teach like a Pirate Day (freshman) ♾Algebra I: Bingo 🧬Biology: Thumb Wars 📚English: Presidential Debates!

November 21st,2019

👨‍🍳Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Made Pancakes 📝Creative Writing: Peer Critique for “play”. 🎼MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert! Also sight reading with my favorite KEY E-Minor! 👨‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Excel (link) ♾Algebra I: Test 🧬Biology: Test 📚English I: Got into groups for tomorrow

November 20,2019

👨‍🍳Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Online Trivia Game which I hosted! (Link). 📝Creative Writing: Added more dialogue for my story. Peer critique tomorrow. (I’ll link tomorrow). 🎼MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert. 👨‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Excel (link). Grade I got (link). ♾Algebra I: Slope of a Line from 2 points. 🧬Biology: Started Research Project. 📚English I: ReadContinue reading “November 20,2019”

November 19,2019

👨‍🍳Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Cracked Eggs. 📝Creative Writing: Added sounds to my play. 🎼MENS Choir: Practiced songs for Christmas concert. 🎄 👨‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Excel Training Unit 3 ♾Algebra I: Slope line from a graph 🧬Biology: Punnett Squares Quiz 📚English I: Canvas discussion

November 18,2019

👨‍🍳 Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Cooking day 2/2 📝 Creative Writing: Started writing Screenplays 🎼 MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert 👨‍💻 Fundamentals of Technology: Excel Test ♾Algebra I: Notes (link) 🧬 Biology: Miosis Notes 📚 English I: Timed Writing (link)

November 15th,2019:

Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Online Substitute Assignment. Creative Writing: Shared “creative nonfictions” (my link). Like mine, most were “traumatizing stories” (not on purpose). MENS Choir: Practiced for Christmas concert. Fundamentals of Technology: Excel (link). Algebra I: I did test corrections then, I watched Pokémon on Hulu & played “Sandbox”(Link -AppStore). Biology: Test corrections. English I: ReadContinue reading “November 15th,2019:”