Monday August 23,2021

Monday August 23 Broadcasting 🎥 Fire Drill Went over procedures for classroom Layed out “Time Management Sheet” U.S History 🇺🇸 Submission for “Virtual Locker” project (VIEW) Hugs v. Slugs: Reconstruction Plan Geometry 📐 Free day Environmental Science 🌊 Finite Resources (View blank instruction pages embedded below) English III 📘 Finished guided notes from Friday Discuss superstitionsContinue reading “Monday August 23,2021”

Thursday August 19,2021

Thursday August 19 Incase you missed the Remind message yesterday. Here’s my submission for an English class assignment Broadcasting 🎥 Played Trivia Kahoot U.S History 🇺🇸 Bell Ringer: Federalism and Covid-19 Video Debrief: Federalism and its relation to YOU Geometry 📐 Free day since I finished notes yesterday Environmental Science 🌊 Finish graphing results from yesterday’s labContinue reading “Thursday August 19,2021”

August 17,2021 | First Day at Francis Tuttle

Tuesday August 17 Broadcasting 🎥 Logged into Canvas and did orientation Reviewed procedures, rules, etc! U.S History 🇺🇸 Understanding Civics | Federalism (blank copy) My copy still in progress Geometry 📐 “Evaluating Expressions” notes Environmental Science 🌊 “Fixing a Hole in the Sky” Questions (VIEW) Chapter 1.2 notes (VIEW) English III 📘 Finished annotations

Monday August 16,2021

Monday August 16 Announcement: I start Francis Tuttle tomorrow. View Junior Year homepage for scheduling when I’m at which school. View here for the 2021 – 2022 school year calendar. U.S History 🇺🇸 Reconstruction Era notes and discussion Geometry 📐 “Order of Operations” review Environmental Science 🌊 Intro to Environmental Science (Google Slideshow) Eco Footprint ActivityContinue reading “Monday August 16,2021”

Friday May 28,2021 | Finals Day 2 | Last Day of Sophomore Year

Welcome to the last day do sophomore season. I will be linking up a following post with my reflections over this year and my final grades in the coming days. That’ll be sent via text when ready Friday, May 28 📗English II: Studied for math final Watched “Fear Factor” 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Took final 🧑🏻‍🔬PhysicalContinue reading “Friday May 28,2021 | Finals Day 2 | Last Day of Sophomore Year”