Wednesday September 08,2021

Announcement Interactive Media 🖥 Continued on Photoshop unit I learned how to turn black and white images into color U.S History 🇺🇸 Corruption Plagues the Nation guided notes and short answer activity Geometry 📐 Angle Relationship Diagram Notes (VIEW) Environmental Science 🌊 Properties of water notes and questions (VIEW) English III 📘 Started the CrucibleContinue reading “Wednesday September 08,2021”

Monday August 30 – Thursday September 02, 2021

Announcements: Monday Aug 30 – Thursday Sep 02 Interactive Media 🎥 I switched classes from Broadcasting to Interactive Media Orientation for Interactive Media course (Monday – Wednesday) Started “Digital Media” unit (Thursday) U.S History 🇺🇸 Westward Expansion Kahoot American Progress Group Analysis (VIEW) American Indian Wars Timeline (VIEW) Geometry 📐 “Introduction to angles” notes (VIEW)Continue reading “Monday August 30 – Thursday September 02, 2021”

Friday August 27,2021

Friday August 27 Broadcasting 🎥 Meet your fellow classmates picnic Turned in Time Management Sheet Week 1 (VIEW) U.S History 🇺🇸 Jeopardy Team Competition Game: Era of Reconstruction Geometry 📐 Naming and Drawing Angles Practice Environmental Science 🌊 Chapters 2.2 & 2.3 notes (VIEW) English III 📘 Archetypes in The Crucible notes (VIEW)

Thursday August 26,2021

Thursday August 26 Announcement: Grades are finally published! Broadcasting 🎥 Free day U.S History 🇺🇸 Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B Du Bois: T-Chart Geometry 📐 Completed two Delta Math assignments ( Naming Lines, Segments and Rays Segment Addition and Subtraction Environmental Science 🌊 Working Trees English III 📘 Picture Day