Week at a Glance Week 19

January 10,2022 – January 13,2022 Interactive Media 💻 Monday: WordPress Essential Training Videos Tuesday: WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Videos Building a small business on WordPress Videos (View WordPress Site) Wednesday: CSS Selectors Videos Resources and Quick Check Question Thursday: Took CSS Selectors Test Retook CSS Skills Demo Weekly Status Report (VIEW) U.S History 🇺🇸Continue reading “Week at a Glance Week 19”

Week at a Glance Week 17 // Finals Week

VIEW FINAL GRADES: #semester-1-final-grades Interactive Media 🎞 Monday: Tuesday: Started Webflow Wireframe View Instructions (VIEW) Wednesday: TBA Thursday: Friday: U.S History Test at Memorial U.S History 🇺🇸 Monday: Finals Study Guide Part 1(VIEW) Tuesday: Finals Study Guide Part 2 (VIEW) Wednesday: TBA Thursday: TBA Friday: Semester Final Geometry 📐 Monday: Semester Test Review Day 6Continue reading “Week at a Glance Week 17 // Finals Week”

Week at a Glance Week 18

January 04 – January 07 Interactive Media 🎞 Tuesday: Worked on “Big Time Rush” website Wednesday: Worked on “Big Time Rush” website Thursday: Internet was down so I worked on a future assignment for Gram and I Friday: Put finishing touches on “Big Time Rush” website Weekly Status Report (VIEW) U.S History 🇺🇸 Tuesday: TopicContinue reading “Week at a Glance Week 18”

Week at a Glance Week 15

November 29,2021 – December 03,2021 Grades at a Glance: Interactive Media – 92.0% (92/A) (View Gradesheet) U.S History – 82.58% (83/B) Geometry – 99.10% (99/A) Environmental Science – 86.89% (87/B) English III – 83.04% (83/B) A – 2 B – 3 C – 0 D- 0 F – 0 Interactive Media 🎞 HTML Markup ActivityContinue reading “Week at a Glance Week 15”