January 16,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: 💓Health: Chapter 1 Section 2&3 Notes 🎵MENS Choir: Practice for tomorrow night 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentalists of Technology: Microsoft Publisher: February 2020 Calendar (link) ♾Algebra I: Discovery Education 🧬Biology: Practice for test tomorrow (I’m taking the test Tuesday) 📖English I: Finished “I Have a Dream” grammatical errors worksheet

January 14,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Last day of tri-fold (link) 💓Health: Chapter 2 Test 🎵MENS Choir: Practice for Friday 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft Publisher (Picture 1) (Picture 2) ♾Algebra I: Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination (+/-) Notes (link) 🧬Biology: Pedigree Practice 📖English I: Martin Luther King Jr Speech and prep for month long speech project (link)

January 10,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Started Tri-Fold (Due Tuesday) 💓Health: Journal Entry and Notes 🎵MENS Choir: Practice 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals Of Technology: Microsoft Publisher (link) ♾Algebra I: Notes (link) 🧬Biology: Free Day 📖English I: Notes

January 9,2020

Take note… You’ll never see this again! 🏘Pre – Ap Oklahoma History: Political & Physical Map fill out day 2/2 💓Health: Notes… I’ll rewrite later 🎵MENS Choir: Practiced for Tulsa concert on January 17,2020. If you missed my email last night. Click here for attachment! 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft Word Test ♾Algebra I: Test 🧬Continue reading “January 9,2020”

January 8,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Political and Physical map fill out Day 1/2 💓Health: Personality Quiz (link) 🎵MENS Choir: Practice for Concert in Tulsa (Friday, January 17th) 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Publisher Day 2 (link) ♾Algebra I: Notes (link) 🧬Biology: Pigeon Game (try to math pigeons up through genotypes) 📖English I: Notes

January 7,2020 | WELCOME TO 2020

🏘Pre-Ap Oklahoma History: Went over Syllabus (link) 💓Health: Went over Syllabus (link) 🎵MENS Choir: Practice for contest in 2 weeks 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft Publisher Drawing (link) ♾Algebra I: Math Linear Equation Bingo 🧬 Biology: Blood type simulator (in my mind WWIII simulator) 📖 English I: Notes