Tuesday February 02,2021

Tuesday – In Class Announcement: Incase you missed it. I redesigned the homepage of this website and I think it flows with the other pages better. 📗English II: Worked on “ACT Fall 2020 writing practice” 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Linear Equations Word Problems Day #3 – notes and practice 🤵🏻‍♂️MENS Choir: 3rd A/B MENS Choir rehearsal OtherContinue reading “Tuesday February 02,2021”

Friday February 28,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma: Presented “Black History Month – People from Oklahoma” Projects 💓Health: Chapter 5 Test 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint “Unit 4 Textbook Project” (link) ♾Algebra I: Prime Factorization 🧬Biology: Test and Playdough Lab 📖English I: Read more “of mice and men”

Thursday February 27,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Finished “Black History Month Project”. Doing presentations tomorrow! (link Canva) (link Canvas) 💓Health: Collage project Day 2/2 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: HALO Project Day 3/3 (link) ♾Algebra I: Notes 🧬Biology: Review from yesterday 📖English I: Read more “of mice and men”

Wednesday February 26,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Black History Month Intro. My presentation (link) (other link). 💓Health: Started collage project #️⃣Tutorial: Swine Week Intro Video 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Day 2/3 on HALO Project PowerPoint ♾Algebra I: Unit 7.3-7.4 Test 🧬Biology: Pre Test “Ecology Unit” Discussion (she contradict everything I know😡😭) 📖English I: Continued reading “Of Mice & Men”

Tuesday February 25,2020

🐷 Today’s Swine Week Announcements: 🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Unit 2 Test (SCORE TO BE RELEASED) 💓Health: “Types of different families” test 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint: HALO Project Day 1/3 ♾Algebra I: Review for test tomorrow 🧬Biology: Test Today (it’s smooth sailing the rest of the week ; Student teacher is teaching) 📖English I: StartedContinue reading “Tuesday February 25,2020”

February 24,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: UNIT 2 TEST TOMORROW 💓Health: Chapter 5 Handout 🤵🏻MENS Choir: Practiced ALL HOUR 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Module 3 Exam ♾Algebra I: Dividing Monomials Notes (link) 🧬Biology: Writing Lab (DUE TOMORROW) 📖English I: Class discussion

Friday, February 21,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Mock Trial (Andrew Jackson) Andrew Jackson was found GUILTY I believe we Andrew Jackson was found guilty because we were contradicting our side and not defending Andrew Jackson -Samuel Maus, Myself 💓Health: Watched Blindside 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint (link) ♾Algebra I: 7.1-7.2 Quiz 🧬Biology: Went over year review answers 📖English I:Continue reading “Friday, February 21,2020”

Thursday, February 20,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Mock Trial Day 2 💓Health: Chapter 5 Section 2 & 3 notes 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint (link) ♾Algebra I: Multiplying Monomials Power of the Product (link) 🧬Biology: Practiced for English Speech 📖English I: I did my speech. Final version (link) I think the only thing I failed on MOSTLY was eyeContinue reading “Thursday, February 20,2020”

Wednesday, February 19,2020

🏘Pre-AP Oklahoma History: Started Mock Trial Research. I’m defending Andrew Jackson (Trial Due Friday) 💓Health: Watched Blinside Movie (2009) (Read About) 🤵🏻MENS Choir: Singing 👨🏻‍💻Fundamentals of Technology: Microsoft PowerPoint (link) ♾Algebra I: Online Workbook doing what we did yesterday. Work I did (link) 🧬Biology: Elodea Lab 📖English I: Speeches Day 2/4 (I go tomorrow)