08-16-18 // First Day of 8th Grade

1st Hour- Practiced Unlocking Locker 2nd Hour- Got to know new Choir teacher (Mrs. Cook) Advisory- Announcements and procedures 3rd Hour- Drew a picture and passed it around table and people kept adding on (end result) 4th Hour- Went around classroom and introduced selves 5th Hour- A quiz to get to know teacher (Mr. Wilson)Continue reading “08-16-18 // First Day of 8th Grade”


1st Hour- Deleted all accounts on chrome books. 2nd Hour- Turned in shape art. Advisory- Watched youtube 3rd Hour- Top 10 memories and more… 4th Hour- Finished the giver. 5th Hour- Finished poetry foldable 6th Hour- Got yearbooks and signed  7th Hour- Attendance and looked through yearbooks.


1st Hour- Finished safety packet. 2nd Hour- Finished Test projects real thing doing tomorrow. Advisory- Read big mate and was on 9tomac.com and the verge.com 3rd Hour- Pop Essay 4th Hour- Watched the giver 5th Hour- presented book 6th Hour- Made more memes 7th Hour- Worked on Project


1st Hour- Learned how tornados are formed and started fact worksheet. 2nd Hour- Shape drawing. Advisory- Read Big Nate. 3rd Hour- Australia Lunch Time- Ice cream in Moore spare room 4th Hour- Printed brochure 5th Hour- Book buyer 6th Hour-   Made memes (made Sydney a Viking) 7th Hour- worked on project


1st Hour- Read out of book how clouds are made 2nd Hour- review day 2/2 Tiger Time- Watched dude perfect play fortnite 3rd Hour- Korea day 2 4th Hour- Read chapters 20 & 21 5th Hour- Read book 6th Hour- Played a 7th Hour- parody projects