November 6th

Life, Nutrition, Wellness:- Test (grade hasn’t been released yet) Creative Writing- Journal Entry 22 Men’s Choir- Practiced for Christmas concert (December 10th) and 6th grade festival tomorrow. Fundamentals of Technology- Excel (ONLINE) Algebra I– Study Guide for test Friday Biology- Study Guide (turn in Monday, 11th) English I- Started reading “night” by Ellie Wiesel


1st Hour- Studied for History Test 2nd Hour- Did Bellwork and started a new song Tiger Time- Video games 3rd Hour- Took History Test 4th Hour- Started learning about weather 5th Hour-  Rotation Labs Lunch/Recess- Talked to Nuemo, Janzen, and White 6th Hour- Took Test (feel pretty good) 7th Hour- New seating and new unit