1st Hour- Helped kid finish work 2nd Hour- Finished Africa song and played ships and boats Advisory- Lesson over determination 3rd Hour- Went to Ms. Coffee’s office 4th Hour- Went over yesterday’s worksheet 5th Hour- Took Test Day 1/2 6th Hour- Read story 7th Hour- Lesson 1.2.2


1st Hour- Wrote 1-100 in Spanish 2nd Hour- Sung and gamed Advisory- kindness lesson 3rd Hour- 4 square with CH5 of History book 4th Hour- Learned the date : “el día de hoy” 5th Hour- Finished up band aid experiment 6th Hour- Don’t really know was coughing too much to focus 7th Hour- Lesson 1.2.1


1st Hour- Moore made us write Spanish notes again 2nd Hour- Sight Reading Advisory- Discipline Actions 3rd Hour- Colored 13 original colonies 4th Hour- Signed up for Spanish class practice 5th Hour- Oreo Lab 6th Hour- Started and Finished 1st English Paper 7th Hour- Lesson 1.1.4