Tuesday February 23,2021

Tuesday – In Class 📗English II: Long Way Home accountability quiz #1 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Review over Direct and Inverse operations (VIEW) 🤵🏻MENS Choir: Practiced “Vive L’Amour” Practiced “Weep No More” Practiced “Hallelujah” 🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: Potential Energy Lab ADI (VIEW) 🗺World History: Rise of Totalitarian Dictators Guided Notes (VIEW) 🙇🏻‍♂️Study Skills: Prepped for Intermediate Algebra’s virtualContinue reading “Tuesday February 23,2021”

Monday February 22,2021

Week at a Glance Week 7 (February 16 – February 19) English II: 91.14% (91/A) Intermediate Algebra: 83.70% (84/B) MENS Choir: 78.14% (78/C) Physical Science: 87.35% (87/B) World History: 89.07% (89/B) Study Skills: 100.0% (100/A) A – 2 B – 3 C – 1 D – 0 F – 0 Monday – In Class 📗EnglishContinue reading “Monday February 22,2021”

Tuesday & Wednesday February 16 – 17,2021

Tuesday & Wednesday – Remote Week at a Glance (February 08 – February 12) English II: 93.09% (93/A) Intermediate Algebra: 74.35% (74/C) MENS Choir: 82.04% (82/B) Physical Science: 87.61% (88/B) World History: 89.07% (89/B) Study Skills: 100.0% (100/A) A – 2 B – 3 C- 1 D- 0 F- 0 English II: Redid ACT PracticeContinue reading “Tuesday & Wednesday February 16 – 17,2021”

Tuesday – Thursday February 09 – February 11,2021

Tuesday-Thursday Remote Note: I have added a link on the Canvas course which takes you to the latest post everyday https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/2480800/modules/items/42712807 English II: “Long Way Home” Anticipation Guide (VIEW) Physical Science: Kinetic and Thermal Energy EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE) Potential Energy EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE) World History: Treaty of Versailles Notes (VIEW) World War I EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE) Russian RevolutionContinue reading “Tuesday – Thursday February 09 – February 11,2021”

Tuesday February 02,2021

Tuesday – In Class Announcement: Incase you missed it. I redesigned the homepage of this website and I think it flows with the other pages better. 📗English II: Worked on “ACT Fall 2020 writing practice” 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Linear Equations Word Problems Day #3 – notes and practice 🤵🏻‍♂️MENS Choir: 3rd A/B MENS Choir rehearsal OtherContinue reading “Tuesday February 02,2021”

Tuesday January 26,2021

Tuesday – In Class 📗English II: Class time to work on Letter to the Editor/Argumentative Essay 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Packet notes = 🤯😭 🤵🏻‍♂️MENS Choir: First A/B Mens Choir Rehearsal 🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: Worked on “Kinetic Energy ADI” lab 🗺World History: “Imperialism in India” Notes 🙇‍♂️Study Skills: Filled out 21′ – 22′ enrollment packet

Wednesday January 20,2021

Wednesday – In Class 📗English II: AOW Research Thesis Statement 🧮Intermediate Algebra: Graphing Practice 🤵🏻‍♂️MENS Choir; Watched Biden – Harris inauguration (YOUTUBE) 🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: Work Practice (VIEW) Notes from yesterday (VIEW) / click here for yesterday’s post 🗺World History: “Motivations for Imperialism” notes Firedrill 🎨Humanities: Principles of Art Test Notice: Blue divider line for JoeContinue reading “Wednesday January 20,2021”