Week at a Glance Week 19

January 10,2022 – January 13,2022


Interactive Media 💻

  • Monday: WordPress Essential Training Videos
  • Tuesday:
    • WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Videos
    • Building a small business on WordPress Videos (View WordPress Site)
  • Wednesday:
    • CSS Selectors Videos
    • Resources and Quick Check Question
  • Thursday:

U.S History 🇺🇸

  • Monday: 6.3 Hoover Notes (VIEW)
  • Tuesday: FDR New Deal (VIEW)
  • Wednesday: The Second New Deal (VIEW)
  • Thursday: The Effects of the New Deal Group Project (VIEW)

Geometry 📐

  • Monday: “Interior Angles of Polygons” on Delta Math
  • Tuesday: “Properties of parallelograms” notes
  • Wednesday: Complete “Parallelograms Quiz” on Delta Math
  • Thursday: “Properties of Rectangles” notes

Environmental Science 🌊

  • Monday: Chapter 9.3 Notes (VIEW)
  • Tuesday: Natural Disasters Presentation (View below or in New Tab)
  • Wednesday: Presented “Natural Disasters” Presentations
  • Thursday: Chapter 9 Assessment

English III 📘

  • Monday: Read “Theme for English B” (VIEW)
  • Tuesday: Harlem Renaissance Escape Room
  • Wednesday Life Skill: Renting your first Apartment. Link to Rights
  • Thursday: Read “If we Must Die” (VIEW)

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