Week at a Glance Week 18

January 04 – January 07

Interactive Media 🎞

  • Tuesday: Worked on “Big Time Rush” website
  • Wednesday: Worked on “Big Time Rush” website
  • Thursday: Internet was down so I worked on a future assignment for Gram and I
  • Friday:

U.S History 🇺🇸

  • Tuesday: Topic 6 Vocab (VIEW)
  • Wednesday: Stock Market Simulation (VIEW)
  • Thursday: Causes of the Great Depression Notes
  • Friday: Venn Diagram (VIEW)

Geometry 📐

  • Tuesday: “Reflection of Semester 1” Google Form
  • Wednesday: “What is a Polygon” notes
  • Thursday: Perimeter review
  • Friday: More Perimeter review (Interactive Game)

Environmental Science 🌊

  • Tuesday: Chapter 9.1 notes (VIEW)
  • Wednesday: Chapter 9.2 notes (VIEW)
  • Thursday: Food ingredient warning poster
  • Friday: Chapter 9 questions (VIEW)

English III 📘

  • Tuesday: Harlem Renaissance notes (VIEW)
  • Wednesday Life Skill: How Credit Cards and Interest Work
  • Thursday: Watched Ted Talk and discussed
  • Friday: Make a list of 15 adjectives you would use to describe yourself and others would describe you

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