Week at a Glance Week 5

September 13 – September 17,2021

I am trying out sending 1 big post on Friday’s instead of 5 links everyday because I don’t want to overwhelm you all with texts. Let me know by taking the embedded form at the bottom of the page.

Interactive Media 🎞

  • Monday – Tuesday: Lesson 4 in Photoshop
  • Wednesday – Thursday: Lesson 5 in Photoshop
  • Friday: Weekly Check in (VIEW CANVAS PAGE)
  • Friday: First Team Meeting

U.S History 🇺🇸

  • Monday: The populist party notes (VIEW)
  • Tuesday: Studied for test tomorrow (VIEW)
  • Wednesday: Units 1 & 3 Quiz
  • Thursday:  What Factors help explain the growth of industry in the late 1800s? 
  • Friday: Innovation Boosts Growth Storyboard (VIEW)

Geometry 📐

  • Monday: Review mini quiz and worksheet
  • Tuesday:
    • Completed this Coordinate Plane Activity 
    • Played some miniature golf games
    • Completed “Coordinate Plane Review” on Delta Mata
  • Wednesday: Finished games from Tuesday and played Battleship (VIEW GAME)
  • Thursday – Friday: Fall Coordinate Plane Art Assignment

Environmental Science 🌊

  • Monday: Chapter 3.2 -3.3 Earth’s Systems notes (VIEW)
  • Tuesday: Water Cycle Game
  • Wednesday: Carbon Cycle Game
  • Thursday: Chapter 3.4 Biogeochemical Cycles notes (VIEW)
  • Friday: Nitrogen Cycle Game

English III 📘

  • Monday: Introduced mini research project for The Crucible.  Due Sept. 19
  • Tuesday: Read pages 505 – 510 Identify themes and archetypes
  • Wednesday: ACT II quiz
  • Thursday: Prep Step in the Media Center – this is a new program for ACT Prep
  • Friday: Catch up on missing work / free day


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