Tuesday January 05,2021

Note: If you were enjoying winter break and missed the announcement. I posted the FINAL grades for last semester on my previous post (December 15,2020).

School File Uploads 20’ – 21’ Semester 2:


Login Username: MemHighSchool

Login Password: Memorial2019

📗English II:

  • Reviewed new procedures for ACT English practices starting in February
  • Went over work for at home assignments this week (Week 1 January 05 – January 08)

🧮Intermediate Algebra:

  • Slope Name Art

🤵🏻‍♂️MENS Choir:

  • Lesson 15 Warmup (VIEW)
  • Practiced “Vive L’ Amour”
  • Practiced “Daemon Irrepit Callidus”

🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science:

  • “Intro to Motion” notes:

🗺World History:

  • Industrial Revolution Guided Notes (Chapter 23.1) (VIEW)


  • Intro to Humanities:
    • PowerPoint (VIEW)
    • Quiz

Humanities Course Guide

Humanities is the study of the historical, creative, and philosophical connections that evolve to form our cultural roots. The visual art and general music O.A.S. skills will be incorporated into a one semester course of study.

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