September 21,2020

Monday – In Class

Weekly Grade Roundup Week 5 (September 14 – September 18)

  • English II: 92.45% (92/A)
  • Intermediate Algebra: 96.98% (97/A)
  • MENS Choir: 100% (100/A)
  • Physical Science: 93.96% (94/A)
  • World History: 94.36% (94/A)
  • Teen Leadership 100% (100/A)

📗English II: Started “Glass Castle Character Group Project”

🧮Intermediate Algebra: Quizizz practice for test THURSDAY

🤵🏻MENS Choir: Started learning new song As Beautiful As She (VIEW)

🧑🏻‍🔬Physical Science: ADI Lab and Data (VIEW)

🌍World History: Athens, The Golden Age of Pericles, and Greek Philosophers.

🙋🏻‍♂️Teen Leadership: Social Group Judging

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    1. It went fine. 2/3 of them were helpful. They are just naturally quiet. The other guy was just looking through the document and not doing anything.


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