September 17,2020

Thursday – Remote

English II:

  • The Glass Castle Journal Reflection
  • Character Annotation Sheet
  • Read pages 116-144 of “The Glass Castle”
  • Reading Interest Survey

Physical Science:

  • Build an Atom Simulation (VIEW) &
  • Proton, Neutron, and Electron Practice (Google Docs) (VIEW) &

World History:

  • Democracy in Ancient Athens EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE)
  • Greek Forms of Government Activity (VIEW)
  • Persian Wars Google Doc Assignment (VIEW)
  • Confucianism and Daosim Hyperdoc (VIEW)

Teen Leadership:

  • Oklahoma College Start (VIEW)

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    1. Neurological things. Like why your brain chooses specific type of ways. How to improve and be a better person etc.


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