September 04,2020

Friday – Remote

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This is the last post until September 09. We are on a 4 day break.

English II:

  • Agree / Disagree Bellwork
  • Glass Castle Graded Discussion #1


Intermediate Algebra:

  • “Whodunnit” (Clue style game) (VIEW – Blank Copy) (VIEW – My Finished Copy)


Mens Choir:

  • Sight Sing “Lesson 1 #10” (YOUTUBE)
  • “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” song (YOUTUBE)
  • “Praise His Holy Name” song (YOUTUBE)
  • Who Are The Brave” song (YOUTUBE)

I am not going to embed the videos because that would overtake the screen too much, but I will have them hyperlinked next to the assignment title.

Physical Science:

  • “Nature of Science” Canvas discussion.

World History:

  • China and Confucianism EdPuzzle (YOUTUBE)
  • Conficinism and and Daosim Hyperdoc (Canvas Document – VIEW)

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