Friday November 8,2019

Life, Nutrition, Wellness: Had to get Chromebook fixed (it updated to Chrome OS 78 and I got the “aw snap” bug.

Creative Writing: Journal Entry 23

Men’s Choir: Started learning the movements to “silent night”.

Tech: Excel Test

Math: Unit 3 Test… feel good about it

Biology: Cell Wall Cycle Test

English: Read more of “Night”

2 thoughts on “Friday November 8,2019

  1. Sam,

    How did the Excel, math and Biology tests go. I saw you felt good about math anyway.

    What movements are you learning for silent night


    1. Excel: 70%, Math: don’t know yet but hopefully 80 or 90%. And I’m bout to take bio test. But I sent out the thing for today because I know what I am doing the rest the day


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