1st Hour- presented video we watched it twice out of class request and had cookies and cupcakes

Passing time- told Mr. J he liked it

2nd Hour- Angles

Tiger Time- Class got cancelled so I went up to the office and read in Ms. McGee’s office and mr. White came in and bragged about my video to the principal and this other kid that was in there said I didn’t see the video and I liked it *clapping*

Passing Time- Mr. dabney (other team English teacher) said he liked it (mr. White showed him).

3rd Hour- Had sub and took quiz got 80% (mr. J said if you guys got a 80% your paying attention) and then sat back and watched how irons are made. (Kind of a filler day)

4th Hour- Got job assignment I got doctor and made a brochure (due May 21st) basically your advertising for someone to outsource your job.

5th Hour- Read “the shadow club” and did paper over it.

6th Hour- had a sub so played coolmath

7th Hour- had sub so did worksheet

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