Today is Tuesday at 4PM let me lead you through today at school.

1st Hour (Science)- Moon phases and what causes title waves.

2nd Hour (Math)- Histograms problems.

Tiger Time (manners and etiquette)- what it says.

3rd Hour (Social Studies)- Started learning about Potential WWIII (World War 3).

4th Hour (English)- Test  CFA 2 Retake Then did a little bit of prep factory And for the last 10-15 mins played Snake.

5th Hour-  (Literacy) Did bellwork then read chapter 2 of the shadow club and answered questions on Peardeck.

6th Hour (Tech Literacy)- Worked on Google Forms for app.

7th Hour (Choir)- Took test day 2 and then had free time.

That’s my school day I’ll be back for Wednesday to write what I learned. Or check it out.

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